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The Age of the Independent Researcher

Science used to be the pursuit of rich gentleman with nothing better to do and no hunger pains to get in the way of questioning the why’s and how’s of the universe. Great breakthroughs could be and were made by singular individuals acting alone. With the advent of Universities, anyone with the desire and a certain level of intelligence could become a scientist, not just rich greek gentleman.  Today there are more scientists researching than at any other point in human history and tomorrow I will be able to make the same claim. Just by sheer numbers it’s a pretty safe bet that science, as in the cumulative knowledge of humanity, will continue to advance at an increasing pace. Yet this pace is not as fast as it should be.

There is a flaw in the traditional route to research. Traditional scientific institutes are not optimized for scientists willing to question the status quo. Risk and failure while essential to developing cutting edge science do not lead to tenure or a raise.  As a result, an increasing and needless amount of focus within the scientific community is being placed on IP, publications, degrees and award.

A place where anyone can come to research and do so full time. Each CoResearch facility will accomplish this by providing access to equipment, funding, education, and most important of all collaboration.

The first CoResearch Space is called Brightwork and I hope you will join us in making it a reality.


Jacob Shiach