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Announcing BRIGHT IDEAS at Brightwork

Hold onto your socks Houston! Have we got some exciting things in store for you.

Brightwork’s mission is to get more people working as Indie Scientists and launching Science startups. Primarily we do this by replacing the initial startup costs associated with science startups with a monthly fee.  It’s far easier to pay $450 to test out an idea for a month as opposed to raising $50k just to see if something has legs. We’re already 2X more affordable than any other shared lab in the country[see Nature] but we’re not ready to stop there. Starting Jan 1, 2014 we will be kicking off the Bright Ideas Accelerator at Brightwork.

Bright Ideas is not your typical accelerator. There are lots of peeps around town who will help you once you’ve got a little bit of traction. But if you literally just have an idea or god forbid just a passion to work on something nonspecific you’re pretty much on your own. We know how hard it can be starting something in Houston, Brightwork almost moved to Berkeley and only happened here because we were pretty stubborn in our belief that Houston has buckets of untapped potential. And so…

If you have an idea, project or prototype:

Apply right here and if you’re accepted  we’ll hook you up with a lab, equipment and give you a practical knowledge of important things like business, funding, science and prototyping [in exchange for a minimal stake(5%) in the idea]. The program is designed to be an intense and challenging 3 months.

If you don’t have an Idea:

We’ll be spinning up a number of “in house” projects in 2014. So if you are looking to be apart of an exciting project, apply here and where it asks for you to describe your project, instead describe the type of projects you’d like to be apart of.

Plus some extras for the rest of Houston:

  • To make it easier to start, everyone’s first month of CoWork/CoResearch is now only $200.
  • Monthly Survey Hacks: Biodesign, GeoPhysics, Drones, more to be announced.
  • Regular Science Show & Tell‘s
  • Monthly “Brilliant Minds” Speaker Series: Houston’s got lots of brilliant peope doing amazing things, we want you to know about them.
  • Plus oodles of workshops and classes 

If you have any questions, queries, quizzes, get in touch.

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