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We use biodesign to harness the machinery of the natural world to build products, systems and aesthetic creations that perform real biological functions in mediated states.



Is the Postdocalypse an Opportunity in Disguise? October 29, 2014

A postdoctoral scholar (“postdoc”) is an individual holding a doctoral degree who is engaged in a temporary period of mentored research and/or scholarly training for the purpose of acquiring the professional skills needed to pursue a career path of his or her choosing.(1) While the life of the humble biomedical postdoc was never a walk … Read more

The Dangers of Hype in Biosecurity December 11, 2013

In presenting the idea that anyone can and should have the means to do biology, DIYbio, peoples reactions have been consistently polar. Either they are extremely excited about all the possibilities or fear that this movement could cause an increase in unsafe or even illegal things.  Differences in opinion are not exactly a rare thing … Read more

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